Monday, August 1, 2011

Report _Dialogue YES Malaysia

 For the first time the Young Earth Scientist (YES) Chapter Malaysia has called upon the young earth scientists in the country, for a dialogue on the Future and Challenges of Earth Scientists in Malaysia. This historic event took place in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia on the 4th of May 2011. This dialogue was co-organised by the Institute for Environment and Development (LESTARI),Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and the Geological Society of Malaysia. The dialogue gathered 50 young earth scientists from government bodies, universities, private companies and individuals throughout the country. For those who couldn’t attend the dialogue, they were able to follow the event via Skype. This event was officiated by Prof. Dr. Mazlin Mokhtar the director of LESTARI. The panel were Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ibrahim Komoo a distinguished earth scientist who is a member of National Professor Council, Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia and a Fellow at the Institute Geology of Malaysia and Mr.Lim Choun Sian (Asst. Secretary) on behalf of the President of the Geological Society of Malaysia. The dialogue identified several challenges pertaining to the future of earth scientist in Malaysia. The first challenge is lack of leadership among the earth scientist which hinders the growth of this field. Among the consequences of this shortcoming are inability to play an active role in decision making, planning and implementing matters related to earth science. The second challenge is lack of capacity in coping and delivering meaningful contribution to the various needs in developing the country. Therefore the important of this field is not conspicuous to professional from other fields.  Since we have identified the challenges, it is crucial for all young earth scientists to be a part of a geological organisation, either the Geological Society of Malaysia or Institute Geology of Malaysia to strengthen the earth scientists community of in the country. YES with the support from local and international organisations will be a platform for the young scientist to contribute towards the community at a local an international level. 

Notes: This  report also been published in the LESTARI website, GSM Warta and YES Network bulletin.  Some changes in content might occur to suit the purpose and vision of institution.